The topography of the clitoris: 1 - the head of the clitoris; 2 - outer opening of the urinary tract; 3 - low sexual lip; 4 - the entrance to the vagina; 5 - the foreskin of the clitoris.

The clitoris is the single body that are related to external sexual organs of a woman. In structure similar to cavernous bodies of the male penis, but does not have the urethra. The clitoris (Fig) located just behind and below the front spikes labia majora, richly supplied with blood, has a large number of lymph vessels; in the glans of the clitoris is a lot of nerve after receiving specific sexual sensations. The clitoris is very sensitive to irritation.
Inflammatory diseases of the clitoris is extremely rare (see Colpitis). From the clitoris can be benign tumor (fibroma, angioma) and malignant (cancer, sarcoma).