Fluke Chinese
Fluke Chinese (increased)

Klonorhoz - helminthiasis of the liver and pancreas caused by the trematode Clonorchis sinensis (Fluke Chinese). Its length 10-20 mm, width of 2-4 mm (Fig.); eggs size 0,026 - 0,035x0,017-0,mm. In the stage of puberty parasitizes in the gall passages, gall bladder and ducts of the pancreas of a human, dog, cat; the intermediate hosts of helminth - some shellfish, extra - carp fish. In Russia klonorhoz occurs in the far East. Human infection occurs when eating raw or undercooked fish. When klonorhoz comes the expansion of the bile duct and pancreatic duct, the thickness of their walls, hyperplasia of the epithelium. In the basis of the pathogenesis of klonorhoz lie sensitization of the body of worms, trauma they fabrics, viscero-visceral reflexes.
In 2-4 weeks after infection of klonorhoz occurs fever, pain in muscles and joints, sometimes jaundice, increased liver, sometimes spleen; in blood eosinophil counts. After a few weeks of acute effects subside, the disease becomes late phase occurring during the symptoms of chronic cholangitis, biliary dyskinesia, rarely hepatitis; often there is chronic pancreatitis. Patients complain of pain in the epigastrium and right hypochondrium, sometimes paroxysmal. Diagnosed in an early phase is put in the presence of fever, eosinophilia , and data epidemic anamnesis (eating raw fish in the hearth of klonorhoz), later - in detection of Calais and duodenal juice patient eggs of helminths (see Helminthological research methods).
Treatment by Haloxylon (hexachlorparaxylol), which appointed interior in the next 2 or 5 days in a row. Daily dose of the drug at a two-day cycle - at the rate of 0.15 g on 1 kg of weight, for a five-day - 0,06 g on 1 kg of weight 3 times a day with milk after a meal. If both methods of treatment the dose is on the whole cycle is an adult 18-20, Laxative not appointed. If necessary in 4-6 months. to have a second cycle of treatment.
Prevention. Fish should be eaten cooked, carefully cooked, smoked, well salted (warm Ambassador to 14 days). Reservoirs must be protected from faecal pollution (see Sanitary protection of water bodies).