Bugs - bugs, one of the orders of primitive insects, which includes more than 40 000 species of different morphology and biology. The majority of kinds of bugs are predators, leading terrestrial or aquatic life, at least - parasites. Createmovie, or kissing, bugs that live in hot countries, are carriers of American trypanosomiasis (see).

bed bug
Bed bug

Bed bug (Fig) - the parasite, the inhabitant of dwellings person; bugs is an indicator of the unsanitary condition of the premises. Participation bed bug in transfer of infections and invasions not proven. When blood sucking bug injects saliva, causing the skin appears blister, sensation of itching. Bugs can do without food for six months or longer, resistant to low temperature, so freezing beds and other things to free them from bugs to no avail.

How to get rid of bed bugs

In the fight against bed bugs important role is played by the General sanitary-hygienic measures. At check-new homes furniture and things of old apartments, where there were bedbugs, must be thoroughly disinsection (see). Internal furnish of apartments should meet sanitary and technical requirements (absence of cracks and cracks in plaster and wooden walls and beams, a well-pasted Wallpaper, and so on).
Fight the bugs should be everywhere and at the same time - not only in a separate room, apartment, but in the whole house. To fight the bugs usually used chlorinated hydrocarbons - dusty and emulsion DDT (at the rate of 2-4 g/m2); lindane (at the rate of 0.2 g/m2). High insecticidal effect have also organophosphorus compounds - trichlormethane (or triclofos) at a concentration of 0.2 - 0.4% the rate of 0.2-0.4 g/m2; Malathion (or karbofosa) - 5% Douste based 15-25 g/m2. Chlorophos in the concentration of 2-3% from the calculation of 2-4 g/m2 is also very effective. You can use aerosols DWF.
When working with these drugs, you must apply measures for the protection of workers from their toxic action; the processing is carried out bathrobes, using respirator or closing of the airway gauze bandage with a cotton pad. In those cases when it is impossible to apply insecticides, aggregations bugs treated with boiling water (cracks in the walls, beds, mattresses and other).