Clavicle - steam room bone of the shoulder girdle; has the shape of an elongated letter "S". The outer end of the clavicle is articulated with acromial process of the scapula (acrobaleno-clavicle articulation), and internal - to the sternum (sternoclavicular joint). Both joint reinforced by powerful chords.
To sternal the end of the clavicle attached sternoclavicular-liner, sternum-sublingual and large pectoral muscles; to the outer - deltoid and trapezius muscle. On the lower surface of the clavicle is subclavian muscle.

fracture of clavicle
A broken collarbone

The damage. Surface location and close relationship collarbone with upper limb cause frequent damage.
When rupture acrobaleno-clavicle joint outer end of the clavicle comes forward and up and bellatorum like key piano (symptom key). In dislocation sternal end of the clavicle he clearly is under the skin.
When clavicle fractures are observed deformation, local pain, crepitus, abnormal mobility, limited mobility in the shoulder. The clavicle fractures often occur in neonates, especially when turning the fruit of the handle. Clinically in these cases, there is swelling of the clavicle, local tenderness.
First aid at dislocations and fractures collarbone is to impose fixing gauze bandages (scarves). Then the patient should be referred to a specialist. Any manipulation (reposition of fragments at fracture) apply to conduct a physical examination it is impossible, as in the case of comminuted fracture of the clavicle careless reposition the fragment can damage the major vessels.
The treatment of dislocation of the acromial and sternal all collarbone conservative (special bandages Deso with bandage, bus Kozukeev and others). In the case of failure surgery. Fracture of the clavicle the reduction of fragments produced at a maximum dilution of the shoulders and the pressure on the speaker of the fragments. When fatal offsets - operative treatment. Fracture of the clavicle in newborns impose fixing gauze bandage type Deso for 10-12 days.