When the doctor becomes sick

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 ... Not all of us, doctors, "burns" 
 because the "shining". May be, 
 we just don't pay attention? 
 From the conversation

They say that this problem was solved in the gospel, where it is said specifically: "doctor, istselisya myself!" But, unfortunately, not all were healed. And even died. Later, already appeared the concept that if not healed, then only because the doctors of disease-then proceed not like other people. And in General, doctor of ill should not!
This, so to say, briefly imaginary nature of the problem. I think, however, that all these stereotypes about the disease physicians far from indisputability.
It is well known that their work is connected with great nervous tension. It is impossible not to take into account the almost constant need to control their emotions, and not reacted emotions, as we know, may adversely affect the Central nervous system. Health is adversely affected or night around the clock, tiring operations, often associated with disturbances certain procedures and manipulations.
You should not close their eyes to the fact that the doctor has to answer, and for imperfection of medicine, and sometimes, as we have seen, to deal with people presenting he is not always justified claims. Overload of work, accompanied by a systematic lack of time, and the increasing pressure of the flow of information also may not have a positive impact on the health of the physician. Not surprisingly, L. A. Gorinskiy (1969) found neurosis every fourth doctor. According to the data obtained in France (1973), neurosis doctors found in 2 times more often than the engineers. It has been argued that if medical knowledge have any value and if they are properly applied, the state of health of doctors would have to be significantly better than the rest of the population. Would have... But in ?
The observations on the same applied to his doctors medical knowledge, does not suggest that this is done in the best way.
Among 145 doctors, Tallinn me questionnaires were distributed with a request to answer some of the questions (the questionnaire was not signed). It turned out that morning gymnastics engaged 24.1%, rationally feeds (regularity of the meal, compliance, if necessary, diet and so on) 25.5 percent, resting during the day, or 19.3 percent of the doctors and so on,
You should not ignore the fact that it is not always working conditions and life of physicians paid on the ground due attention. But medical rational way of life depends to a considerable degree and the doctor, from his own desire to take good care of their health. Can't be objective reasons for refusal, for example, from classes morning gymnastics, or from Smoking! By the way, it seems that the number of smokers among doctors still lower than among the rest of the population. According to my data, 100 doctors to 40 years of Smoking among men about 20 people and women 5.
The doctor, however, should not smoke at all. Because, among other things, the bad example of Dr. undermines the faith of the patient in his words.
Neglect on the part of doctors of their health is apparently common. So, consider that one of the leading causes of mortality U.S. doctors from cardiovascular disease is the unsustainable way of life. Particularly emphasizes the factors overstrain of the nervous system, neglect of daily physical exercises, irregular eating. Of course, in the USA negatively influence the health of doctors factor of competition, struggle for private practice, but should not be underestimated and, apparently, the universal tendency of negligence of doctors to their health.