Coxit is an inflammation of the hip joint. Depending on the etiology coxit divided into non-TB and TB, according to the nature of the flow - acute and chronic.
Non-coxit. Infection of the joints in the form of caxita can happen contact or hematogenous route in inflammatory processes (sepsis, tonsillitis, otitis, pneumonia, osteomyelitis, and others). Purulent coxit occurs more frequently as a complication of septicopyemia, osteomyelitis, characterized by acute onset, turbulent flow, expressed local changes and the General reaction with fever, intoxication, changes in the blood. Especially hard proceed purulent kossity fire origin.
Treatment (hospital) start with immobilization, antibiotics and sulfa drugs. Often have to resort to resection of the hip joint (especially when firearms koxie). After surgery - the immobilization of a limb in a functionally advantageous position, counting on the development of the frets.
Post-infectious nagnoenie kossity arise after measles, scarlet fever and others are relatively easy. Marked pain in the joint, violations of its functions, the effusion in the joint. The process usually ends quickly, its outcome may be mild stiffness in the joint.