Coke production

Coke production (occupational health) - getting from coal coke, gas and products of their processing. The basic technological processes in the manufacture of coke: processing and enrichment of coal, coking, sorting of coke, carbon capture volatile products of coking, smolopererobnij, obtaining coumarone resins and processing of granulated pitch.
In the coal preparation workshop with coal-major occupational hazards are high humidity and dust; coke ovens - high temperatures and intense radiant heat. In addition, the air can be allocated components of coke oven gas (carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, benzene, cyanide and other) and dust. On koksosortirovki - dust, gases, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, high temperatures and high humidity.
In the shops of the chemical unit in capture volatile products of processing of coke in the air can be allocated ammonia, benzene, hydrogen sulphide and cyanide compounds; rectification of benzene benzene and its homologues, and carbon disulfide; desulfurization - sulphide and anhydrides of sulfuric acid or hydrogen sulfide and cyanide compounds (in case of reception of elementary sulfur); when soloprevent, except for benzene hydrocarbons,naphthalene, phenol, pyridine, anthracene; coumarone resins - hydrocarbons and dust of the finished product; from heated surfaces contact apparatus increases air temperature.
Vapours, gases and dust from coke production can have obscherezorbtivnymi and local action. The workers tar-processing plants and coke-pitch can occur professional skin changes (alvimarine, telangiectasias, pigmentation); there are specific changes in the system of white blood; working in coal preparation shops are marked atrophic pharyngitis, bronchitis and emphysema.
Health measures on the fight against gases, dust and heat should be directed on improvement of technological process: replacement of periodic continuous processes, management processes with a small vacuum, smokeless loading furnaces and coke dry quenching, mechanization open the doors furnaces, mechanical cleaning ovens and frames furnaces, sealing equipment, seal packings of pumps, flanges etc. For dust control equipment and conveyor devices should be covered and have a mechanical suction from cover. Effective measures against radiant heat are: arch thermal insulation of furnaces, hatch covers, liners and shielding gas exhaust risers. Excess heat is removed by aeration. To prevent skin lesions recommended indifferent pastes for lubrication of open parts of the body and clothing, protect from exposure to coal tar, acids, benzene, and radiant heat.
Soviet legislation provides pre-employment and periodic medical examinations of workers of coke production, the restriction of women and adolescents; guidance on the implementation of preventive sanitary supervision in the design, construction and reception of coke plants, approved by the Main state sanitary Inspectorate of the USSR 10/II 1956, № 206-56; safety rules for coking plants, approved by Glavkosmos 23/CP 1947