Colic - attack strong cramping pain that occurs when the disease of the organs of the abdominal cavity. There are intestinal colic (for example, tumors, helminthiasis, the use of rough food), appendicular, pryamokishechnye (eg, acute dysentery, cancer of the rectum), mucous (see Coliса mucosa), gas (see Flatulence), liver (see Cholelithiasis), renal (see Renal disease), pancreatic (for example, pancreatitis, the stones of the pancreas).
Causes colic different and described in the articles dealing with the above diseases. Pain when colic suddenly appear localized in the vicinity of the affected organ, sometimes accompanied by vomiting, fainting condition.
Treatment and prevention of colic are reduced to the prevention and treatment of the underlying disease. To control the pain, use atropine, platifillin, belladonna in normal doses (on prescription - morphine, omnopon, promedol).