Damage sharp pricking items

Rod-like objects with a cross-section of different forms that do not have the cutting edge, and with only the sharp end, cause damage when immersed it in the body. Such objects are referred to as the stitching, and damage from them - chipped. Such items include foil, espadron, Shilo, a chisel, a chisel, folded branches shears and other
Skin damage at the site of impact sharp end. Further immersion they are extended due to the stretching. Damaging the subject slides lateral surface of the blade on the edge of the wound and can cause sednenie (especially with the diameter more than 0,5 cm). Stab wound in the form most often narrow and usually does not correspond to the cross-section of the damaging of the object due to the reduction of elastic fibers (Fig. 53). When diving pointed faceted subject get damaged in the form of rays that the more pronounced than less faces and sharper angle between them. Multifaceted itchy object acts like a cone with a circular cross section. With considerable force of impact any sharp object may damage the underlying bone. The resulting hole in the flat bones can display the size and shape of the cross section of the object.
The blade is sharp object, especially the cutting may stay, in addition to the traces of blood, microscopic particles of the epidermis, damaged particles hair, fiber service, cell injured internal organs. Identifying these physical evidence using laboratory studies occupies an important place in the system of identification of damaging the subject.
At the minimum width and length stab wound is deep and is accompanied by damage to internal organs. Cause of death for injuries pricking subjects most often damage vital organs (brain, spinal cord), blood loss due to internal bleeding (acute or rich), air embolism, hemo-pneumothorax, at least - shock (with multiple stab wounds).

Fig. 53. The dependence of the shape of the wound from the cross-section view of piercing guns.