Coleitis (synonym vaginitis) is an inflammation of the vagina.
Etiology. Coleitis called pathogenic microbes. Direct causes of obesity are Trichomonas invasion, strepto - and staphylococci, intestinal and diphtheria bacilli, fungi (Candida), gonorrhea. The development of obesity contribute to common diseases that weaken the body's defenses, violations metabolism, lack of ovarian function, violations of hygienic requirements in the home and at work, early menopause, chemical and mechanical injury of the vagina, irrational antibiotic treatment, etc.
Over and symptoms. Clinical findings are distinguished: simple, granular, Trichomonas, fungal and senile obesity. Simple coleitis, is the most common form of inflammation of the vagina, usually called strepto - or a staphylococcal infection. The disease is characterized by the appearance of abundant vaginal Beley from serous to purulent). In the acute stage of the disease the patient feels pain and burning sensation in the vaginal area. During the inspection of the external genitalia marked redness and swelling of the large and the small lips of development often acceding vulvita. When viewed with the help of mirrors reveal redness and swelling of the mucous membrane of the vagina. Less common granular colpitis. The disease is characterized by redness of the mucous membrane of the vagina and the presence of original seeds, representing a small infiltrates (Fig. 5).
Trichomonas colpitis is one of the most common forms of the inflammatory diseases mucous membranes of the vagina. The disease is usually transmitted sexually. Simultaneously with damage to the vagina there is inflammation of the urethra and cervix (see Trichomoniasis). In the acute stage, patients complain of rich frothy vaginal discharge, itching and burning, sometimes the increased frequency of urination. During examination of the patient often find phenomenon vulvita. The vaginal mucosa diffuse redness, the flow is heavy, yellowish-green, frothy (Fig. 3). The formation of gas bubbles depends on the development of associated gas-forming of mikrokokkov. The disease is a chronic relapsing course.
Fungal colpitis (thrush) is a form of candidiasis, is more likely to occur in the long wrong treatment with antibiotics and as a complication of a number of serious diseases. Clinically thrush is manifested itching and burning sensation in the vagina, excessive secretions white. When viewed in the mirrors on the red background of the mucous membrane of the vagina are white plaques, sometimes drain nature. When you try to remove plaque swab bleeding occurs.
Senile coleitis occurs in the period of menopause, characterized by itching and abundant sero-bloody vaginal discharge. The vaginal mucosa thinned, with smooth folding, diffuse redness; seats on it visible dark red spots, easily bleeding when touched (Fig. 4).
Gonorrheal coleitis - see Gonorrhea.
Diagnosis of obesity usually is not difficult. To elucidate the etiology of inflammatory process must take into account the age of the patient, living conditions, availability of common diseases, medication. The importance belongs to microscopic examination of vaginal discharge. To do this, open the vagina with the help of mirrors and without pre-treatment (!) take forceps or shpatelem on a glass slide the drop of excretion, then prepare a thin film. If you suspect the presence of gonorrheal infection should take 2 smear - one for normal methylene blue, the other for gram staining.
Treatment of obesity is composed of the common effects on the body (treatment of common diseases, diet therapy, the appointment of vitamins and so on) and local treatment. Local treatment is to carry out hygienic wash of vulvar and vaginal douching solutions of potassium permanganate, lactic acid or extract of a camomile. For the treatment of Trichomonas vaginitis used various means (osarsol, trichomonase, furazolidone , and others). Osarsol used in powder for filling in the vagina in the trail. recipe: Osarsoli 0,25, Streptocidi albi, Synthomycini aa 0,3, Glucosi, Ac. borici aa 0,2, or balls of osarbon. However, currently, the most effective drug is metronidazole (flagyl). The agent shall inside of 0.25 g 2 times a day for 7 days. At the same time appoint a similar dosage husband.
For fungal vaginitis shown restorative therapy, vitamins, nystatin (500 thousand - 1 million IU per day). Locally produced lubrication of the vaginal mucosa 10-20% solution of borax in glycerine.
Senile vaginitis process mucous membrane of the vagina hydrogen peroxide and impose tampon, soaked in fish oil , or 10% of syntomycin emulsion. Treatment in the treatment room antenatal clinic, polyclinic or hospital, as well as on medical paragraph for the purposes and under the supervision of a physician.
Prevention of obesity is a careful hygiene in the home and in the workplace. In the prevention of relapse Trichomonas vaginitis a greater role for the timely examination and treatment of the sick husband.