Colpoperineorrhaphy - operation suturing back wall of the vagina and perineum with the restoration of the pelvic floor muscles.
Indications: ptosis and prolapse of the uterus, vaginal walls (with a decrease in the tone of the past with older women or scarring after former gaps in childbirth).
Preparation for surgery: before dairy buffet, vegetables; cleansing enema in the evening and in the morning before your surgery.
Anesthesia - infiltration, infiltrazione-block anesthesia 0.25% solution novokaina.
Tools: vaginal mirrors (side), bullet forceps and double-toothed forceps, set hemostatic tools, scalpel, scissors Cooper, suture material or brackets Michel.
In the postoperative period in bed (not to sit down!); during four days there should be a chair, an appropriate diet (jelly, tea, coffee, soup, crackers). To monitor the flow of urine. Before urination and after the perineal area pour sterile liquid paraffin (to teach a woman!), which prevents the joints from maceration. On the 5th day laxative (not enema!); after defecation sick wash, dry swab perineal area, edit the line of stitches green diamond or 5% alcoholic iodine solution. Then on the area of the seams - vaseline oil. Seams (brackets) to rent for 6 days.
From the 6th day every day in the vagina for catheter syringe should enter sterile liquid paraffin. Get up (not sitting down!) the 8-10th day. Sit is possible after the surgery only on the 22nd day.