Acquisition of special medical groups

Exercise with students assigned to the state of health to special medical group, carried out after picking groups for the training sessions. The distribution of students by groups performed by a physician.
The main criteria for inclusion of students in special medical group are: diagnosis, degree of disturbance of body functions, level of physical fitness, peculiarities of reaction organism to physical activity. In addition, for an objective assessment of the health status you must install the presence of concomitant diseases and chronic infections.
Students are grouped according to the nature of the disease: 1) internal diseases: cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and endocrine systems; 2) with visual disabilities and functional disorders of the nervous system (if small size of this group it together with the first one);
3) with infringement of functions of the oporno-impellent device: violations of posture and scoliosis, consequences of injuries, joints diseases, congenital defects of musculoskeletal apparatus, organic diseases of the nervous system.
Students who by the nature of the disease and its state cannot cope with physical exercises in a special medical group, are directed to medical physical culture in the clinic or medical exercises dispensary.