The complement fixation (optional; Aleksin), a component of whey of blood of animals and humans, consisting of several proteins with different physical-chemical properties.
The main feature of the complement is the ability to adsorb on the complex antigen + antibody" and cause lysis (bacterioses, hemolysis). The property of the complement to cause hemolysis use in laboratory diagnosis for the given reaction of binding complement (RAC) (see Board - Zhang reaction, Wasserman reaction). The largest number of complement found in the serum of Guinea pigs. The number of complement in the blood can vary for different diseases. The complement is inactivated at a temperature of 56 degrees for 30 minutes At storage in a complement to add stabilizers or freeze-dried. The mechanism of action of complement is not clear. I believe that the reaction proceeds in two stages: 1) complement fixation; 2) lysis of cells.