Composting is a way of neutralization of sewage and waste by mixing them with absorbent and gas absorption substances. In compost necessarily add peat, humus, and other materials with high moisture, ash, lime, soapy water and other substances that help maintain a slightly alkaline reaction where the composting process is accelerated.
The device composting (bottom-up): peat or humus - 25 - 30 cm, waste - 25-30 cm, then re-peat or humus and so on up to a height of 1-1,5 m and a width of 2-3 m, length arbitrary. Before warming up all compostable material loosely put, and then compacted and covered on all sides with a layer of peat or land not less than 10 see Regularly in 1-2 months compost shoveled. Willingness to use is determined by the homogeneity of mass and the dark color. Terms of preparation of compost from a few months to 1% years. Compliance with the rules of composting provides the death of non-spore-forming forms of pathogenic bacteria, helminthes eggs, the transformation of humus substances in the environment unsuitable for the emergence of flies. Plot for composting should be at least 300 m from residential areas, medical institutions and food companies should not be submerged storm water, groundwater flow should not be directed to a nearby drinking water sources and ground water level must be not closer than 0.5 m from the surface of the soil. Cm. also the Cleaning of populated areas.