The bark of the brain and internal organs

Studying of the vegetative nervous system and internal secretion, some scientists have transformed the role of senior regulators standalone instance. It was assumed that if, for example, we can't consciously control your stomach, that, therefore, the brain has nothing to do with it. I. P. Pavlov put forward the position that the cerebral cortex "holds in its conduct of all phenomena taking place in the body".
In the light of these ideas, confirmed by numerous researches of the Soviet psychologists and clinicians, different experiences can cause some internal diseases: hypertension, peptic ulcer disease , etc., In these cases initially not sick vessels or stomach, and drive them nerve centers. The cerebral cortex not only has the mental activity, but also manages the internal economy of the body. Therefore, although we do not knowingly can manage internal organs (this field is always in the subconscious), however, certain shifts in the conscious area can have a great influence on all processes in the body. Consciousness and subconsciousness, which we will talk, are the result of activities of the same cortical centers.
It became finally clear why the faith of the patient in his recovery faith in the doctor is important. I. P. Pavlov said, remembering the great Russian doctor Sergei Petrovich Botkinthat often treated one of his word, the one visiting the sick, and many times heard from his students-clinicians sad recognition that the same recipes (and, apparently, in such cases) has appeared ineffectual, although it did wonders in the hands of S. P. Botkin. Faith in the recovery strengthens the nervous system, and hence the whole body. It helps to fight the disease. Remember the story Of Henry "the Last leaf". Deep autumn. Sick girl lying near the window, said, how many leaves are left bare branches of the tree. "I shall die, " she says, " when the last one falls". And that's only one sheet. It takes many days, and he does not fall. The girl is gradually getting better. Only then she learns that neighbor - old artist has painted sheet on the wall opposite the house that night, when the tree fell last sheet. A similar case could have a place in life. The girl could die, don't be on the tree last sheet, supported her hope in recovery.
Knowing now that all the internal economy of the body obeys the cortex of the brain, we can dream about the time when we through the brain to control any human organ. If we find the drives to every body, it will, perhaps, even more important by normalizing functions, than with the effect of small doses of sera, about which we will speak in an interview 11. This will be even more important because the authority's work depends not so much on the activity of its cells, as from the impulses, coming to him from the higher functions of the brain. The revival of acupuncture, acupuncture as a form of acupuncture in this plan, of course, justified. However, the impact through higher departments of a brain, powerfully convening power of the consciousness and subconscious, added to the local mechanisms should be, undoubtedly, the object of vigorous scientific search.