Cosmetics - the complex of measures and means on care of a skin. There are medical cosmetics - conservative and surgical (see Cosmetic surgery) and decorative.
The purpose of medical cosmetics is the prevention and elimination of various defects of the skin (dryness, fat, wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, birthmarks, tattoos and other), hair care (when hitting them, hypertrichosis, and others), nails and oral cavity.
By means of decorative cosmetics tend powder, Rouge, ink, paints, etc. make it less noticeable flaws of the skin (scars, red nose, and others) or to set off certain features.
Cosmetic. 1. Water. Facial wash and wash your hair better to use so-called soft water, not containing salts of calcium, magnesium, iron. Water softening of boiling, add borax or drinking soda (1 teaspoon on 2 l of water). It is useful to wash alternately with room temperature water, cold and warm, which improves blood circulation. 2. The soap. Better to use the toilet soap, superfatted (lanolin, beauty). Medical Soaps recommend sulfur, sulsenovoe, green, hexachlorophene, Degtyarnaya. 3. Creams (cosmetic creams) have a varied effect on the skin: softening ("Nutritious" and others), protective - dry dusting ("snowflake"), from the action of sunlight ("Laser", "the Shield"), cleaning ("Velvet", "Moisturizing" and others), whitening ("the Metamorphosis" and others), and so on
Creams, except whitening, should not be used at night. 4. Toilet water, colognes contain alcohol, fragrances and essential oils. Alcohol has a disinfectant effect and refreshes the skin.
To increase protective functions of the skin it wipe solutions of acids (boric, salicylic acid, citric and other), free vinegar, and fermented milk products (kefir, sour milk). Removal of age spots, freckles (see) apply whitening tool (perhidrol, acetic and citric acid and others), keratolytic funds (bodyaga, salicylic, carbolic, lactic acid). In the appointment of creams containing salts of mercury ("the Metamorphosis", "Spring"), caution should be exercised to avoid dermatitis, kidney disease. If there pigmented moles before treatment obligatory consultation of the oncologist. Removal of vascular blemishes use the electrocoagulation, rays Bucky tray, liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide snow.
Principles of skin care of the face. For dry skin should avoid frequent washing with soap and water to clean the skin of liquid creams ("Velvet", "Morning", "Moisturizing", and so on); it is advisable to wash generously grease a person with a fat cream and 15-20 minutes to wash with water superfatted toilet soap. Masks are useful (well pounded a mixture of equal parts egg yolks, vegetable oil and water). At a fat skin before washing the face cause kefir, sour milk and 5-7 minutes, wash off with soap foam and water contrasting temperature. Among day cleanse the face toilet water "Morning", apply the cream "Smile" or "Mask" and similar expressions are Useful wiping 1% alcohol solution of uninate sodium, 1% aqueous solution of pure hydrochloric acid.
Hair should be washed once in 7-10 days. Dyeing hair better in hairdressing. Vegetable dyes henna, Basma, rhubarb - harmless; application of Ursula prohibited by law. Frequent staining may cause breakage and thinning hair, and frequent use of the "Restorer", containing sulfur lead,chronic lead poisoning. Curling using curlers harmless.
If there hypertrichosis to stop excessive growth of hair chemically impossible. Pulling excess hair, rubbing pumice is not recommended. They can discolor the ointment with perhidrol or apply electrolysis is usually to remove them. X-rays to apply invalid because they often cause disfiguring dermatitis.
Cosmetic products to be harmless and therefore are available on sale with permission Goszeminspektsii. Remember that some cosmetics (for example, soap containing "perfume" is essential oils, fragrances) can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, asthma, etc.