The tongue is a speech disorder, which consists in the inability to correctly pronounce certain sounds; vague, unclear pronunciation. Eloquence occurs during the formation of speech and may depend on various factors.
Sometimes the tongue develops as a consequence of defective imitation pronunciation surrounding child of people. The most common cause of tongues can serve some variations in the structure of the vocal apparatus: anomalies of the teeth, jaw, tongue, palate. However, defects of speech organs does not necessarily lead to a breach of sound pronunciation, and on the other hand - the expressed tongue is often observed in the absence of significant deviations in the structure of the vocal apparatus. From tongues must distinguish between age the lack of pronunciation in children of preschool age, sometimes called physiological grammar.
Eloquence is overcome speech therapy techniques (see speech therapy). The defects of the jaws and teeth, tongue, palate and eliminated dental methods. For the prevention of tongues, you need the right education of speech in children of early age. Speech parents and caregivers should be clear and precise, as it is a model by which children learn to speak. It is also necessary to monitor the condition of the teeth, not only regular, but milk.
Elimination of tongues engaged in speech therapy rooms clinics, psychoneurological dispensaries and logopedic school paragraphs. Best eloquence eliminated at the age of 5-8 years, when the child is able to follow the instructions of speech therapist and at the same time, faulty pronunciation of words still has not fixed.