Leather (3 units)

Subject "Skin" is supplemented with the studied previous topics. Her article reveals the enormous importance of the skin as an organ of the integumentary system of the human body, exercising the role of external barrier in the metabolism of the organism with the environment.
Considering the concept of "skin", the teacher should address the properties of the skin as an organ of its basic functions because of the inherent structure.
The essential features of the content of the concept of "skin" can be expressed in the following defined: the skin is an organ of the integumentary system. It is due to the specific structure of the cuticle, the dermis and subcutaneous tissue performs specific functions in the metabolism of the organism with the environment: security and the maintenance of a constancy of the internal environment of the body.
Of particular importance in this topic have hygienic concepts: hygiene of skin, clothes, body training.
In the study of skin hygiene and tempering of the body are considered such questions as: is the maintenance of cleanliness of the skin, clothing, air, sun and water as factors of hardening, their action on the body through the nervous system and the blood; conditions of hardening. From the funds of clarity in the study of topics for demonstration and independent work model is used or table microstructure of the skin, improvised table with sequential list of functions of the skin hygiene is a table showing the number of germs on sites contaminated and clean skin.
At formation of the concept of "skin" should be based on the previously obtained concepts and ideas of students about the value properties of the skin in humans, other mammals, lower vertebrates. For the expansion and deepening of the views of students on the skin it is important to organize and conduct their observations on his own skin in order to discover its properties.
Because even when the systematic oral checking on every lesson is unable to assess all students planned a written examination.