Leather - saving barrier

All life on earth enclosed in a kind of shell - and Earth shrouded atmosphere, and is invisible to the eye of the cell is surrounded by a membrane. And man is hidden under the skin. Its dimensions are enormous: the area of more than two square meters, thickness - up to four millimeters, not counting the subcutaneous fat, weight - up to six kilograms. The border of this venerated Holy, and the destruction of its threatens trouble.
The skin is our "guide" in the world, "prompter" on bustling scene of life, saving the barrier, protecting from a variety of dangers. Biological "Zastava" our bodily mantle react sensitively to events happening on both sides,and in the human body, and in nature. And protect, warn you.
The skin is our breath and beauty. Her soft, silky, incomprehensible refinement sung by poets. The skin is and age. Not by chance the person in the mirror holds during the day than a dozen minutes. What he is looking for in silent glass? May be, wrinkles - the first signs of fatigue, anxiety, advancing disease and even old age. As a wise man once said, "we All watch and our face - dials years."
The youth of the skin, ultimately, depends on the health myriad cells. In each of its points happen countless biochemical decomposition, transformation, disaster cells are the sources of our hunger, thirst and feeling. Each time they are suffering slowing the movement of the extracellular fluid, clogged ways of removing harmful toxins.
The cells measured in days, weeks, months and at most over the years, but the body can live for decades. The thing is that the cells are constantly sharing. If the rhythm of this division is violated if the cell starts eating poorly, to be cleansed, to be irrigated, ventilated, skin flare of the disease, and she slowly fade, losing the previous freshness and elasticity.
When this process, in what years? Is it possible to slow down, to stop? As the skin to retain, regain her youth? In search of an answer will embark on a journey...