From what us protects the skin?

Protecting the body tissue, first, from mechanical damage, leather, secondly, protects them from some chemical influences, because through her Horny layers of matter in the air or water can not penetrate into the body. Thirdly, the skin does not flow in the body of microbes. Not without reason in case of damage it appears easily infection - microbes how would break through the skin barrier, and in the struggle have to engage white blood Taurus: abscess occurs. Fourthly, the skin protects the body from the action of sunlight. In the layer of living, propagation of cells lower parts of the skin are cells that can develop dye pigment melanin. Under the action of sunlight becomes more melanin, the skin darkens, tans. Meanwhile, we know that dark matter and therefore has a color that absorbs the sun's rays. So, thanks to a layer of pigment cells, the skin becomes like a shield, umbrella, don't let excess sunlight in the tissues of the body. Fifthly, the skin protects against electric current. Electrical skin resistance is measured in tens of kilo-ohms. Different people see it differently, and may vary from one and the same person. The main reason for these differences is the degree of humidity of a skin. For dry skin its electrical resistance increases so that the body can easily accumulate static electricity. Accumulation contributes significantly friction body of synthetic fabric linen and clothing.
When wet skin electric resistance it is reduced. In this case, increases the risk of electric shock. The young man suffering from hyperhidrosis (sweating) hands, it is not necessary to choose a profession of an electrician. If you touch the wires are without isolation through his body electric current flows much more force than a person with dry skin.
This is the multilateral protective role of covering the body soft Horny armour - skin. Dead keratinized cells slushayutsya from the surface of the skin, but to replace them from the deep layers come more and more cells. Thanks sebaceous glands that are scattered all over the surface of the body, especially in the hairy parts, leather continuously gets fat grease, making it softer, more elastic and yet stronger. Fat grease increases and electrical skin resistance. Per day is allocated up to 20 grams of sebum. As we see, here goes a significant proportion of fats we consume up to 20 %.