Skin sensitivity

During the evolution of the body began to perceive not only the chemical and physical properties of surrounding objects. The first of them he began to feel heat and cold, for heating or cooling has a great influence on the velocity of chemical reactions, including walking in the body. With the analysing function of the skin we have already briefly met, so there will only add a few moments. Human receptors, perceiving heat and cold, distributed on the whole surface of the skin and mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, etc. As mentioned above, the temperature sensations are part of a complex taste. Even the subtlety of perception of taste depends on the temperature of the food. Most acutely the taste when 24th C. It is at this temperature experts-tasters determine the taste of wine, cheese, etc. At higher and lower temperatures taste rougher.
In the following, the higher the sensitivity was the perception of touch, pressure, i.e. mechanical effects on the body. A person the authority of sensitivity are also the skin and mucous membranes. In other words, this involved the entire surface of the body. In different places acuteness of feeling different. So, if you touch the language legs of a compass joined at a distance of 1 mm, the person will feel two simultaneous injection. Meanwhile, on the back above the waist feeling two touches is only when we will razdvinul the leg of a compass more than 6 cm! Each reader can verify this for yourself.