Is there a skin vision?

Widely known and used in the 60 years from Sverdlovsk Rosa Kuleshova, with unusual skin sensitivity. She shut her eyes and hand determined the color of items, even read printed text. The phenomenon Rosa Kuleshova frequently highlighted in the press.
A few years ago, Rosa Kuleshova died from a brain tumor, as a young woman. When she was under constant surveillance neurologists, suffered from epilepsy, her intellect was reduced. She was determined, a second group of disability, education of the daughter to trust that was impossible, the girl in the life of the mother fostered by the state.
Despite the wide publicity abilities Rosa Kuleshova, remains a serious doubts about how much she really possessed them. Once I had with my friends it briefly explore. Blindfolded, she Boyko became fingers to read the phone book. When, however, the book turned back up so she couldn't peek, all the possibilities skin of view exhausted.
The specialist, who worked a lot with Rosa Kuleshova, physiologist I. M. Fishelev in a private conversation assured me that rose was mostly very clever illyuzionista. When I came to relieve her of the film "Seven steps beyond the horizon", J. M. Fishelev, knowing about the way rose manages to cheat, these opportunities stopped. No miracles skin of view of operators to film failed and left with nothing. The film was released without the participation of Rosa Kuleshova.
I think that the color of skin sensitivity Rosa Kuleshova still, maybe it was, but for this special receptors is not necessary. Different colors have different temperature effects due to different light absorption. It is possible that extremely sophisticated temperature sensitivity can provide distinguishing colours.