Diseases of the skin

In most cases the cause of diseases of the skin in athletes and athletes is a failure to comply with the requirements relating to personal hygiene, to the state of inventory and equipment, etc., are most Often found the following diseases: amosulalol, perniosis, frostbite, pustular and fungal skin infections.
Amosulalol - acquired limited thickening of the skin, especially in the stratum corneum. Amosulalol appears with long-term repeated exposure to external pressure and friction. At first they cause anemia skin, followed by developing arterial blood promoting enhanced the formation of the epithelium. The gymnasts, rowers, weightlifters often amosulalol Palmar surfaces. In these cases, amosulalol first razvivaetsya as a protective measure against constant mechanical effects on the skin, making the exercises on those or other projectiles. Often, however, on the surface of amosulalol cracks that serve as an entrance gate for the infection. As a result, may develop acute purulent inflammatory diseases (abscess, phlegmon and others). This can also contribute gap between amosulalol, especially easy coming under increased local sweating (hyperhidrosis). To prevent these serious complications necessary care of the skin of the palms: the use of mitigating compounds, content of hands clean, struggle with hyperhidrosis. The latter, as a rule, is a consequence of the violations on the part of the autonomic system. Therefore, in addition to the use of the resources of the local impacts on the sites of skin requires General treatment (medication, physical therapy, and other).
Perniosis - skin lesion that develops as a result of exposure to the cold and damp. It is important to emphasize that it, unlike Britain, more often occurs at temperatures above zero. Perniosis is not due to direct exposure to cold, and vascular reflex reactions, causing malnutrition and metabolism (trophism of the skin. Promote perniosis anemia, malnutrition, chronic infections, intoxication nicotine and alcohol. Most often affected skin of the hands, feet and face. It is covered with dense cyanotic-red swelling, shiny in appearance, cold to the touch, painful when pressed. There are burning, itching. Among athletes perniosis is more common among skiers, rowers, climbers.
In the prevention of osnaline great importance hardening, nutrition, eliminating chronic infections and the fight against local circulatory disorders (fitting shoes, fixtures, and so on).
Frostbite - damage caused by local cooling tissues. The degree depends not only on the ambient temperature, but also on the duration of its impact, humidity. More the role of the General condition of the organism. So, when trauma, blood loss, fatigue frostbite occurs more rapidly. Predisposes to him the local blood circulation disorders caused by tight shoes and clothes not fitting equipment.
The first signs of an emerging frostbite are stabbing pain, intensity of which gradually increases, and then decreases, because there comes a feeling of numbness. The skin is first blush, then the redness becomes cyanotic shade, and, finally, the skin is white. This is the first period of frostbite. He called hidden, because at this moment it is still difficult to determine the extent and pervasiveness of the lesions. After the restoration of blood flow comes the second period - reactive.
The depth of the defeat frostbite divided into four levels: at the first after warming remain only redness, tenderness, swelling; the fourth is the death of all tissues affected by frostbite, second and third - intermediate (about first aid, see the Chapter 18).
Preventive measures include: preventing sweating, using hygienic, easy, warm and windproof clothing.
Pustular and fungal diseases caused by microorganisms, penetrating rubbing or through abrasion. Surface pustular skin lesion called piodermia (from lat. PIO - pus, derma - skin). To deeper skin lesions is furuncle - acute purulent inflammation of the hair follicle and sebaceous gland, exciting subcutaneous tissue. In addition to the local effects (redness, swelling, pain, fever) furuncle may be accompanied by symptoms (malaise, fever, headache, and others).
When pustular diseases of sports stopped to cure. Violation of this rule creates a danger to other athletes and threatens severe complications very patient.
Warning pustular diseases is achieved by strict observance of hygienic standards of content of places of training, equipment and rules of personal hygiene. After a warm shower all abrasions should be treated with disinfectant substances.
From fungal diseases the most common is athlete's foot, which can appear as scaly or bubble forms. It is caused by a fungus-epidermofiton and most often develops on the skin of the feet, especially between the toes intervals. Predispose to plicarum scrapes, diaper rash, rash. The negative role played by habit soar feet in hot water, as this is loosening the epithelium, facilitating the penetration of epidermofiton. When scaly form of plicarum pronounced peeling skin plantar, the side surfaces of the feet and skin folds between toes. For bubble forms characterized by blisters filled with fluid. When they burst, the skin exfoliate and ulcers may occur.
For the plicarum chronic with a tendency to aggravation in the summer. Contract it most often in the pool at fault running baths and sewage hatches, in the bath, wearing someone else's shoes and socks. Treatment of plicarum conducts dermatologist.