Goats breathe ears...

And what became of the anatomy?
She shared the fate of Smoking Sciences. The Christian religion has taught that the human body is a temple, the dwelling of the Holy spirit, and the knife anatomist place in it. Famous Church writer, an active defender of Christianity Tertullian, who lived in the late second or early third century, managed to receive versatile pagan education. He knew about the anatomical works Gerofila, however, granted him a scornful nickname "butcher". And the other ecclesiastical authority, St. Augustine, was called so all of anatomists.
Religious theory of the resurrection of the body unto the day of judgment played a decisive role in the decisions of several Church councils, which prohibited monks to have surgery. Pope Boniface VIII interfered even in the practice established since the times of the Crusades, " if the remains of the knights was carrying home the long way, healers prudent separating meat from bones. The head of the Church by a special decree cancelled the procedure, explaining that religion in disgust refers to the shedding of blood.
Once the Egyptian priests announced the profession of embalmers despised, although the company was in need of their services. The medieval Church, creating the idea of sweetestvenom the anatomy, so strengthened him in the minds of men that the thousand years of the most educated people shied away from classes surgery, considering this work dishonest, decent stray charlatans.
Naturally, in the medieval anatomy and physiology again appeared absurd theory, from which humanity has started to refuse. Again lung function seen in the airing of the heart, liver represented as the center of love, and spleen - as the receptacle of wit. One of the religious-philosophical writings of the early middle ages, and has come down to Russia, contained a section describing the human body. It was argued that the skull men as being of a higher order differs from the female number of seams. And from the section about the creation of the animal world was following the striking conclusion that goats breathe... ears.