Kremlin diet - scores table

Today the problem of obesity is a major health. Overweight suffers every fourth woman in the overwhelming majority. Obesity is a disease, a complex process of accumulation of fat in the body and is one of the risk factors of diseases such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes. But despite the fact that the problem of overweight exist, the opportunity is still there. One comes to help, taken in a fist strength of will, others are intensively in the gym, others become supporters of a separate power supply. However, we must understand that no exercise and strength will not have the desired effect without a balanced diet.
Therefore, the diet today has become an integral part of life of all female. How to stay slim and attractive in times of abundance and prosperity, when the shops are crammed with a variety of products every woman knows better than any nutritionist. But how not to make the wrong choice of diet and not to cause damage to your body - the problem is also not easy. Diet - specific mode power supply which corresponds to the sex, age and profession of the person providing intervals of a meal and its composition - the chemical, physical and quantitative.
One of the most acceptable and convenient diets is the Kremlin diet, which currently is the most popular. Was developed in strict confidence for the American military and astronauts. Its effectiveness has been confirmed by numerous studies and published articles. At observance of the Kremlin diet is possible to lose weight from 8 to 10 kg for 7-10 days.
The essence of this diet is to radically limiting the intake of carbohydrates, sugar and salt. Protein products as an important building material of the body (meat, fish), unlimited flow of the liquid is allowed. As a result, the body begins to spend the internal reserves of energy that are in adipose tissue and start the weight loss process. The more fat, the faster you lose weight. For the correct calculation of carbohydrates was developed ballroom system. Counting points taken carbohydrate products are always under strict control. 1 point 1 gram of carbohydrates. In the first week of the Kremlin diet is allowed to consume no more than 20-25 grams of carbohydrates, then their number can be increased. The list of products in the ball table is very large, here is an example of the most popular and used carbohydrates include bread rye - 34, buns - 50, pasta - 69, oat groats - 49, buckwheat - 62, rice - 71, egg in any form - 0.5, beef, chicken, rabbit, veal - 0, sausage - 0, sausages dairy - 1.5, fish - 0, kefir - 3.2, curd - 1.8, pasteurized milk - 4.7, cabbage - 5, zucchini, 4 - cucumber - 3, potatoes - 16, onion - 9, tea and coffee without sugar - 0, mineral water 0, Apple juice - 19, sugar - 99, honey - 75, chocolate milk - 54. As you can see from this list, you can choose almost any product and in what does not deny. The most important is to develop the menu every day diet, and it is possible for any interested in success. For example on Monday menu might look as follows: Breakfast : 4 eggs, sausage, cheese 80 gr. tea or coffee. Lunch - salad with cabbage, sunflower oil no more than 100 gr., baked fish with mushrooms 150 gr., tea or coffee. Afternoon tea fruit, it could be Apple, pear and grape. Dinner - baked chicken breast, one tomato, coffee, tea or low-fat yogurt. Tuesday: Breakfast - 200 gr. cottage cheese, tea or coffee. Lunch - vegetable salad with olives 100 g, pork chop 150 gr., tea, coffee or mineral water. Afternoon tea - 30 g. peanuts or walnuts. Dinner - cauliflower 100 gr., boiled fish 200 gr., yogurt. Wednesday: Breakfast - 2 eggs, 2 sausages, tea or coffee without sugar, lunch - vegetable salad with pepper and vegetable oil - 100 gr., boiled chicken breast 200 gr., tea or coffee. Afternoon tea - a glass of juice, orange or tomato. Dinner - leaf salad 100 gr., baked fish 200 gr., tea or coffee. In the intervals between meals, you can drink mineral water without gas in unlimited quantity. When reaching the desired result, namely the weight loss up to a certain level Kremlin diet may be extended, but continue to adhere to the basic principles of the Kremlin and then success will be assured.