Crises - a sudden sharp deterioration in the patient's condition. The term "crisis" is used together with the name of the disease when he observed. As a rule, crisis occurs on a background of existing symptoms of the underlying disease.
Hypertonic kriz - a sharp increase in blood pressure, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, noise in the head, feeling the veil before the eyes, severe headache, drowsiness or suporosna state. Sometimes these cerebral phenomena are combined with signs of focal lesions of the brain (see Hypertension).
Hypotonic crisis - a sharp drop in blood pressure, which is usually the result of acute cardiac or more frequently, vascular insufficiency, leading to fainting (see) or collapse (see).
Cerebral - vascular stroke, called the attack transient ischemic with rapid reversals and full recovery of function after neurological disorders (paralysis, disorders of speech and other symptoms).
Vestibular crises called the attacks of vertigo with nausea, vomiting and gait disturbance (see Meniere's disease).
Diencephalic, or visceral, crisis characterized by the appearance of paroxysmal vegetative-vascular disorders : chills, feeling of internal trembling, palpitations, the heat in the head, increase blood pressure, body temperature, poslednee or redness of the face, excessive urination.
Myasthenic crisis is expressed by the sudden deterioration with severe weakness of muscles, impaired swallowing, breathing, tachycardia (see Male).
Tablichki crisis - attack of pain in one or another internal body with violation of the functions of this organ in the spinal " dryness" (see). The most common gastric tablichka crises, in which suddenly appear sharp unbearable pain in the stomach, followed by repeated vomiting. Laryngeal tablichka crises come in the form of asthma and whooping cough.
Gemoliticeski crisis - characterized by sudden reduction in blood pressure, leukopenia with limfotsitoz and increased blood coagulability. Is a form of anaphylactic shock (see). Cm. also Anaphylaxis.
Adrenal crisis - attack of adrenal insufficiency when edisonova disease (see), manifested by General weakness, headache, abdominal pain, vomiting, mental confusion, agitation, convulsions, coma.
Tireotoksicski kriz - fever, pallor or red person, sputannosti consciousness, tachycardia and fibrillation of the heart, then coma.
Treatment is determined by the reason that caused the crisis. In hypertensive crisis appoint vasodilator drugs (papaverine, Dibazol and so on), magnesium sulfate intramuscularly, bloodletting. In case of hypertensive crisis using drugs, stimulating the cardiovascular system (caffeine, ephedrine , and others). For the prevention krizov systematic treatment of the underlying disease.