Hemorrhage (synonym ekstrawazat) - accumulation streamed blood in the cavities of the body, organs and tissues. Hemorrhage always arises because of bleeding (see). Blood in the plot hemorrhage can diffuse to investirovat fabric or to accumulate in a limited area, pushing and pushing the soft tissues in hand.
Small multiple hemorrhages called echinosoma, petechiae; major hemorrhage, surrounded apart fabrics - hematoma (see). Diffuse bleeding in the integument called bruise. Bleeding into the pleural cavity is designated as hemothorax (see), in the heart bag - emaperiod (see), in the abdominal cavity - gemoperitoneum, in the joint cavity - hemarthrosis (see). Small hemorrhages can disappear, leaving behind only the accumulation brown blood pigment - hemosiderin. In the major foci of hemorrhage is usually grows connective tissue ("organization").
Blood-soaked cloth can be herself, with rejection of dead tissue and the formation of ulcers, especially in the organs that are rich in active enzymes (stomach, intestines). When the source of infection bleeding can occur suppuration, and then death of the tissue or calcification.
The impact of bleeding on the body depends on its volume, speed of development and the importance of the affected organ. Especially dangerous bleeding in the brain (see Apoplexy).