Hemostatic means

Hemostatic means (synonym hemostatic agents are substances that stop bleeding. Hemostatic means have effect at local and resorptive effect.
Hemostatic means local action applied with bleeding from the capillaries and small vessels. The highest value as a local hemostatic means are drugs made from the blood of humans and animals (see Hemostatic sponge, Trombin), as well as their substitutes (gelatin sponge, plastics). In addition, these include sossoudossoujiwate funds (see), among which is widely used adrenaline (see), knitting substances and prijigatm action (tannin and its products, alum, chloride, iron oxide, hydrogen peroxide).
General event that increase blood clotting, and thereby contributing stop bleeding, is a blood transfusion (see). If the bleeding is not connected with the trombopenia, instead of blood can be transfused plasma or other blood liquids (see) and 10% a solution of gelatin. To stop bleeding after operations on parenchymatous organs, massive bleeding in obstetric-gynecologic practice, in hemophilia successfully use intravenous fibrinogen.
As a hemostatic means resorptive action widespread vitamin K, in particular menadione (see). Direct indication for their use is the overdose of anti indirect actions (see Dikumarina) and others, bleeding associated with lowering of the blood prokonvertina (factor VII) and prothrombin. An overdose of intravenous heparin 1 % solution Protamine sulfate. When thrombocytopenia hemostatic effect corticosteroids (cortisone, prednisone), adrenocorticotropic hormone (see). These drugs are prescribed by a doctor.
To stop capillary bleeding with increased permeability of the walls and fragility of capillaries, apply ascorbic acid (see), vitamin P and adrokson (see); the latter is used not only parenteral, but also locally.
Uterine bleeding is the most effective drugs that cause contraction of the muscles of the uterus, resulting in the compression of blood vessels. Such tools include drugs LPV (see), hormones of the posterior lobe of the pituitary - pituitrin (see) and oxytocin (see).
As a styptic funds tied with gemorroidalnyh bleedings are used mainly preparations of a number of medicinal plants (water pepper, nettle, milfoil, Kalina, Arnica and others).
Cm. also Uterine funds.