Who makes children sick

Morning. I start receiving and think about what I have on the table is not only history, but the history of life, sometimes small, sometimes already great. Sometimes this is the story of several lives.
Is it possible to forget the little Sergei L., whose grandmother come to a boy, with whom it is difficult to cope at home and school. Praskovia Nikolaevna (the so-called grandmother told me another, never losing tragedy, the story of a boy's life.
Katya, daughter Praskovia Nikolaevna, met engineer P. and loved it. But happiness was short-lived: the engineer P. left her as soon as she knew that going to have a baby. The marriage was not legally binding, and the entire responsibility fell on weak women's shoulders. Then a new mount is the mother of Serezha fell seriously ill. She is currently in a psychiatric hospital. Sergei was left with her grandmother.
"He is very restless and nervous boy, " said I Praskovia Nikolaevna,but gentle and kind. He has recently made from plywood plate and the writing on it diligently and in large letters MOTHER, hung it on his bed. "Grandma, " he said to me, " never take it off, when I look at the plate, I always think that my mom is with me"". Can I say more, than said about his condition boy this phrase? I still remember on the way, bent, was Praskovia Nikolaevna, and next to it Seryozha, who because of immoral conduct father had no real childhood, no family, no health.
In addition to vitamins, in addition to fight infection, in addition to tips on how to dress your child at home and on the walk than often interested in adults, there is the surrounding of the child the environment where we live: mothers, fathers, grandparents, caregivers and teachers. Often behind the figures of children given to me, I see silhouettes adults voluntarily or involuntarily disfiguring children. Of course, this is only one of the reasons that may cause baby nervousness, but it is, unfortunately, more often.
About the child should begin to think long before his birth, because of illness of the mother or severe injuries received during pregnancy, parental alcoholism, mental experiences, the consequences of casual relationships, can be harmful to the child.
At the reception I have a mother Misha R. Him now 3 years. She asks me to cure her idiot son with paralysis of the arms and legs. I understand that she suffers, but know that, not wanting to have a child, she jumped from a high ladder on the seventh month of pregnancy, has caused premature birth, but... the child has not died, and became disabled for life.
The same patient was and Lida'clock, whose mother so I was told about pregnancy: "I didn't want the child, poisoned him."
Nothing could be said in justification and mother of five-year Bori that when her husband was away in the result of casual sex were infected with syphilis and ill-treated, being afraid of publicity (treated by the witch doctor). Later, when her husband returned, she gave birth idiot child, who was discovered inherited syphilis, syphilis process in the absence of proper treatment influences on fetal development. But the baby was born that he must be taken care of. Wonderful English teacher A. S. Makarenko said, "If you give birth, it means for many years you have given him the whole direction of your thoughts, all your attention, and all of your will. You have to be not only the father and the supervision of your children, you should be even and organizer of your own life, since outside of your activity as a citizen can not be and educator."
But not always. Modestly dressed woman asks to send to the sanatorium her eight-year-old son. "I should save him from the street, ' says she.- He recently almost never at home, stealing money for cinema, do not attend school". What is a "house" that boy? Father with the family does not live in their rooms adjacent. The mother does not specify the reasons for divorce, but says that the father abusing alcohol in the house often quarrel. In the room where is living father, cut wire, as it does not want to use the light when he goes on a business trip. No and bed sheets on his bed; in the evening, children often hear greedy Champ and the splash of wine: it is their father, secluded from everyone dines. Is there a family of this boy? Guilty is he that goes out of the house? I forwarded it to the mother and call Sasha. The boy reluctantly comes into the room and sits down looking in the window. Poorly washed his hands he sends a dirty shirt, his eyes childish, emptiness. If the boy was another family, he never would have been on "the street".