Why do we long for magicians?

Does parapsychology right to exist, if almost all its phenomena are either doubtful or can be explained on the basis of existing views? Think enthusiasts should continue to work. They can open and if not what you are looking for something other, not less interesting. All discoveries come quite remember the discovery of penicillin A. Fleming! It is important to enthusiasts acted decently and not recruited themselves adherents before will be obtained fairly certain results.
Meanwhile, supporters are drawn to it very easily. Why so? What attracts them an aura of mystery, a miracle?
The French researcher psychotherapist Jacqueline Reno says three reasons vitality of the faith in a mysterious, supernatural phenomena. These include, first, suggestibility, the gullibility of the people; secondly, the propensity to make mistakes, to fall into the illusion; third, a kind of mental attitude - the thirst of a miracle. This attitude is caused?
On the one hand, has the value of a thousand-year tradition of mankind. Religious ideas, stories nannies and grannies, fantastic works of literature and art was so connect us with the world of miracles, that it is very difficult to escape. Shards of children's attitude live the rest of my life in every person.
On the other hand, as wisely remarked Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky, we love illusionism in the circus and tend to him from what insanely tired of the relentless power of the laws of nature, and even temporary imaginary independence from it pleases the soul.
Anyway, you need a miracle to meet in the circus or at the Philharmonic hall, watching the amazing skill of magic and wondering over the ways of their rooms.
However, the approach to understanding of the most complicated phenomena of life I must remain on the soil of the real laws of nature. The passion of the many intellectuals once spiritualism, now - meditation and parapsychology very close to fideism, direct faith in miracles. The risk of progression similar Hobbies in the faith there, and the rights of the Leningrad philosopher Shakhnovich, which by analogy with the famous words of Marx about religion said that parapsychology is the opium of the intelligentsia.