Kitchen - room intended for cooking. Depending on the destination cuisine are divided into apartments, designed for cooking write for some families, and public canteens, restaurants and other Distinguished cuisine with a full production cycle and working with semi-finished products produced by large billet enterprises of public catering and food industry enterprises.
When processing products in the kitchen and cooking must comply with hygiene requirements for ensuring the safety of food nutrition and safety of ready meals. It is especially important to eliminate the possibility of bacterial contamination of food, development of microflora and to ensure the destruction of microbes in the heat-treatment process. Sanitary and hygienic requirements for cooking in the kitchen, the following: (a) separate processing products; b) use of special equipment and equipment for different kinds of products; C) the exclusion of joint and counter streams of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, non-food goods, waste and clean, and dirty dishes; d) special waste removal system.
Currently there is a widespread planning one hall berzegova cuisines that contributes to their health improvement. In besserbau cuisine of the various production processes share the barriers up to 2 m Should allocate a separate room for preparing cold dishes. The companies working with raw materials, isolated workshop for processing of vegetables.
Kitchen area catering enterprises with full production cycle for small dining rooms are designed based 1.3 m2for medium - 1.1 m2, for large - 1,05 mg per one seat in the dining room. The area of kitchens, working with semi-finished products decreased (0.8 ratio). Room height food should be not less than 3 m, and in building different purpose - not less than 2.8 m
The medical supervision of workers cuisine is aimed at timely detection and prevention to work sick or baillonella, as well as to monitor the implementation of the rules of personal hygiene. The kitchen staff should be trained camminiamo.