Cooking - kitchen or cooking.
Modern cooking studies and develops the most rational methods of processing food products, which ensure maximum preservation of food substances and contribute to their better assimilation.
Cooking products consists of a series of operations, called the technology of cooking. This process consists of two stages - primary and thermal processing of products. In the first stage, the raw material is sorted, washing, cleaning, cutting, rozrobka, cutting, etc., In the second stage of the prepared raw material is subjected to various types of heat treatment - for cooking, frying, propuskanii, stewing, baking, pasteurization, sterilization and other Heat treatment leads to a partial change of proteins and the disintegration of connective tissue meat and fish, of starch gelatinization, dissolution of pectin substances, education, flavouring and aromatic substances. These changes contribute to better digestion and assimilation of food by man. In addition, heat treatment destroys microorganisms, among which may be pathogenic form. Incorrect processing can lead to loss of valuable nutrients.
The task of healing cooking is cooking in accordance with the requirements of different diets. For example, short-term warming in water (blanching) fish and meat in small pieces leads to a decrease extractive and purine substances; finely chopped food, or so-called homogenized products that do not cause mechanical irritation of the digestive tract; steam boiling used instead of frying, excludes formation of crust, which is a strong irritant gastrointestinal tract; if you want to restrict carbohydrates prepare special products on the xylitol or sorbitol (see Sugar). Healing cooking widely used in hospitals, sanatoriums and diet canteens. Cm. also, Diet, healthy food.