Sexual culture and sex education

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 The essence of love is a pleasure that 
 give five senses: hearing, touch, sight, 
 taste, smell, United with the soul 
 and followed by the mind. 
 "Kama Sutra"

This problem has different aspects. Ethical, educational, General biological, historical, legal, psychological. And, of course, health. All of them are closely linked. I will focus mainly on the latter.
In Denmark and Sweden got up close to see the "sexual revolution". It is so intertwined with the daily that not notice its manifestations cannot. In the seemingly respectable newspaper advertising of pornographic publications and relevant illustrations are combined with declarations about sale of Christmas trees. Propaganda of sex "adapted" to the hanger for clothes, crockery, glasses. Icons, buttons with a unique invitations "light me", "Looking for an experienced partner", etc., On counters of shops of different sizes lashes for sadists, manual masochism, sexual memories of Nazi sadistka Elzy Koch. All this arouses disgust. This was a chance to talk with doctors, scientists, journalists. All agreed that the basis of such a "revolution" - business and degradation of society. But it concerns the perversions. "But the information about normal sex is necessary. There would be less genital abnormalities," claimed my interlocutors. And another argument: because of the "revolution" falls sexual crime and decreases the number of divorces. This conclusion is at least arises from generally controversial monographs B. Kuchinsky (1970), which became the subject of attention of the U.S. Congress.
If to speak about the medical side of things, then turns around whether sexual avalanche of information growth impotence men and sexual dissatisfaction women? Because psychologists (particularly French) noted long ago that the excessive number of sexual stimuli can not only exciting, but also to give paradoxical reaction. Especially when sexual partner does not match what was in the "sex shows, Striptease or a movie. To conflict with them can lead while depressed, and excessive sexuality if it does not follow through. Could this be one reason why, for example, Denmark is one of the first places in the world by quantity of suicides? May ask, what connection? I think straight. As Imielinski (1971) refers to work Fagella, according to which 68 percent of the 700 cases of suicides were caused by conflicts of sexual violence.
Can a society, and in particular we, the doctors, to pass by these problems?
True, still talked about examples from the life of foreign countries.
And what is the attitude to these questions for us?
I must say that in recent years the issues of sex education is given some attention. It is written in the popular-science magazine, published several books and brochures, in some cities appeared sexologists, organized the first scientific centers. And yet all this is not enough. On the shelves of books on sexology not receive, meanwhile, demand for them is quite large, and not only by young people. Lectures on issues of sexuality Apple had no place to fall, to sexologists queue. Of course, you can ignore all this. But these facts reflect not just the interest to "sensitive issue", - the people who live sexual life and, apparently, they are aware that something they do not know, do not understand that something could be better.
"We often encounter cases of blatant ignorance and ignorance in matters concerning sexual sphere of human rights" - is said in 1974 at the conference focused on discussing sexual issues. Sexual culture is a part of General culture of the people, but it is clearly behind by her and does not meet the growing education of our society.