Tissue culture

Tissue culture - fragments of organs, tissues or cells grown outside the body. There are several varieties of tissue culture.
1. Experiencing culture are suspended pieces of tissues and organs in isotonic saline (see) or medium (see). In such conditions the viability of cultivated material remains a relatively short time.
2. Cell cultures are divided into single cell culture, when the cells are grown in a layer on the surface of the glass, and suspension (suspended) cell culture, when the cells are grown in special vessels in suspension. Cell culture can be primary, when cultivation is preceded by the disintegration of cells trypsin (usually used tissue kidney monkeys, mice and chick embryos), or transplantable when using stable strains of cells, pasiruoses outside the body for many years.
3. Organ culture are pieces of organs and tissues grown in special conditions.

A single layer of culture of HeLa cells to virus (at the top) and on the 3rd day after infection (bottom).

Tissue culture is in a strictly aseptic conditions in special containers (bottles Carell, mattresses Ru and others) and in test tubes. Using special natural and synthetic nutrient medium, mandatory components which are isotonic and antibiotics.
Tissue culture have found wide application in biology and medicine. Using tissue culture in Oncology study the process of malignant regeneration at the cellular level, the growth of individual tumor cells and whole tumors develop methods of dealing with tumor growth. Especially widely used tissue culture in Virology for the selection and cultivation of viruses (Fig.), diagnosis of viral infections and struggle with them, study of the processes of interaction of viruses and cells, uzyskiwania methods of producing a virus vaccine and interferon. In Microbiology culture of the fabrics used for the study of pathogenic mechanism of action of infectious agents and toxinsfor titration of toxins, etc., In Cytology - to analyze the structure of cells and metabolic processes in them. In protozoology in tissue culture is grown simplest and study the processes of their interaction with the cells.