Resort polyclinic

Resort polyclinic provides patients treated course of medical treatment, all types of treatment and diagnostic services with the use of resort factors; polyclinic provides emergency medical assistance with a sudden diseases, poisonings and injuries and medical assistance ill at home; provide patients with nutrition in diet dining rooms, accommodation in hotels and in the rented housing stock; organizes cultural service and conducts sanitary-educational work. Accordingly, and in its structure resort polyclinics different from the usual city. In the resort polyclinic can be examined and get advice the patients who come to the resort without room. Sanatorium guide the patients in the health resort clinic if necessary advice and medical assistance, to ensure that the nursing home is not possible. For resort out-patient course of treatment there are specific indications. First of all it is planned that the state of health of the patient can be outside of the sanatorium. For more severe patients in need of strict sanatorium mode, out-course treatment is contraindicated.
The resort polyclinic with the necessary diagnostic laboratories and equipment for treatment procedures. There are also rooms: therapeutic, surgical, gynecological, neurological, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, urology, stomatology, physiotherapy, therapeutic physical training and massage, aeroionotherapy, radiological, Solarium, Cabinet gastric lavage, duodenal sounding, an office of functional diagnostics, clinical-diagnostic laboratory and other
Each patient is attached to a specific doctor relevant specialty, which monitors the patient throughout the entire course of treatment. Resort polyclinic provides reception of patients needed treatment procedures in the resort viagrasaleonline and other resort facilities. In some Spa clinics are equipped with children's branch, serving children arriving to the resort with their parents. In major resort clinics of the Soviet Union (Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Essentuki, Yalta and others) organized specialized departments (therapeutic, neurological, gynecological). Head of the Department of highly qualified specialists, which are the main advisors of the resort on the specialty. They are composed of separate medical beach diet dining rooms, boarding houses, sanitary-epidemiological service, which controls the sanitary condition of dwellings that rented for settlement of out-patients, special staff teachers, resort Bureau.
States medical personnel resort polyclinics are set depending on the number of patients course, at a time staying at the resort, and bandwidth resort P. and other resort facilities.