The incubators

The incubators (warmer-bath, warmer cot) - special device for warming premature babies. One of the species - incubators-bath-Cred (Fig. 1)with double walls, the space between them through the valve is poured about two buckets of water temperature of 60 degrees. At the bottom of the bath arrange a bed for a premature baby. Top bath is not closed, so the child is placed in it wrapped. Temperature under the covers must not exceed 35-40 degrees. The lack of incubators - the inability to adjust or maintain the temperature at a constant level.
The incubators cot (Fig. 2) - rectangular case with double walls and electric heating, on the front wall of which are mounted thermometer and regulator heating, rear - reflector, creating a top heating. The lack of incubators - the uneven heating. When overheating in premature babies on the rise in body temperature (so-called Covasna fever).
The most convenient private incubators (incubator) with automatic temperature maintenance in it at a given level, constant dosed supply of oxygen and controlled humidity. This is a barrel-shaped case, the bottom of which is mounted the electric heater.
Cover transparent, easily opened or removed. In incubators creates a constant uniform motion of heated air. The child may be in incubators in a light shirt and a diaper. The disadvantage is the need to open the incubators for child care. This lack deprived of the incubators in a transparent cap which has holes (Fig. 3). Thrusting them in hands, you can perform medical procedures and to take care of the child.
For children weighing less than 1500 g incubators are created following conditions: when birth temperature 34-35 degrees, the humidity 80% ; at the age of 3-4 weeks temperature 32-33 degrees, the humidity 50% ; at the age of 1.5 months. temperature 31-32 degrees, the humidity of 45%; the rate of oxygen supply constant - 2 l per 1 min.
Fig. 1. The incubators - bath-Cred.
Fig. 2. The incubators cot.
Fig. 3. The incubators with holes for hands.