Brew - drink, made with the help of lactic acid and alcohol fermentation of full-grain raw materials, as well as fruit, berries, honey, with the addition of herbs, spices, etc.
Kvass is a good thirst quencher, positive effect on the process of digestion in the result of the presence in it of lactic acid bacteria. The chemical composition of kvass: water 93-98,5%, lactic acid 0,21-0,58%, acetic acid 0,04-0,09%, alcohol 0,05-1.44%, carbon dioxide 0,03-0,35%, nitrogenous substances 0,2-0,4%, sugar 0,26 - to 5.21%, dextrins 0,3-0,8%, mineral substances of 0.1-0.2%. In addition, kvass contains proteins, vitamins, enzymes. In the production of kvass is used only drinking water. E-coli kvass must be not less than 10 ml for damage kvass develop side kinds of fermentation with the accumulation of organic acids. Kvass due to the significant acidity is an environment that is unfavorable for the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms: bruchkomitsky, dysentery, cholera and enteric bacteria survive in kvass from several hours up to 1 - 2 days.