Technician (medical). There are technicians with higher medical and nursing education. Last prepare medical and laboratory assistant of the Department of medical schools (see Medical education). The technician can work and nursewith secondary medical education and finished the courses of specialization. Depending on the profile of the laboratory technicians are the clinical diagnostic laboratory, hygienic, biological, histological and other duties of the assistant is the collection of material for research - drawing blood, sounding stomach, hair removal hair and others; preparation of drugs for microscopy; the preparation of reagents, dyes, media, and correct their storage; keeping of medical documentation - registration received on the study material and analysis, medical and economic reporting. Laboratory has the right to perform certain tests - macroscopic and chemical study of clinical material, counting the number of formed elements of blood, sowing on nutrient media, the formulation of a number of serological reactions and other Laboratory must sign the made analysis. The analyst should be familiar with the safety precautions, as the work in the laboratory can have its harmful: danger of infection, poisoning, burns, injuries, fatigue eye. To avoid infection, the analyst should work in a lab coat, buttoned back; do not smoke and do not eat for laboratory table; after working table surface should be cleaned with a solution of a phenol or chloramine. Poisoning can occur in studies related to the release of harmful gases and vapors. Prevention is to good ventilation of laboratory facilities and the performance of the relevant work in the hood. Thermal burns can occur when working near the fire with inflammable substances and chemical - with caustic alkalis and strong acids. Working with these substances requires knowledge of their properties and good possession of technique of laboratory research. To avoid injury, resulting from the incorrect use of equipment (centrifuges, autoclaves and other), it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of operation and to perform periodic inspection. Eye fatigue caused by eye strain when using the microscope and work with a measuring pipette, you can prevent the correct lighting, small breaks in the work at the first signs of fatigue.