Labyrinthitis is an inflammation of the inner ear. Depending on the ways of penetration of microorganisms or toxins in the inner ear distinguish tympanogenic (from the middle ear), Minerageny (meninges - with meningitis) and hematogenous labyrinthitis. On the distribution process is limited and a diffuse form. The nature of the inflammatory process - serous and purulent labyrinthitis. Typical complaints - vertigo (a sensation of rotation of objects), nausea, vomiting (often with a change of position of the head), noise in the ears, impaired balance. In the diffuse purulent labyrinthitis these phenomena is expressed more sharply than in serous. There is a complete loss of vestibular and auditory functions affected ear. When serous labyrinthitis - irritation or oppression vestibular function of affected ear, lowering hearing different degrees.
Characteristic is the spontaneous nystagmus (see). Functional disorders (finger-nasal probe, fall or tingling) occur in the direction of the slow component of nystagmus.
With limited labyrinthitis characteristic symptoms appear periodically, pristupoobrazna. Notes and the so-called pistolry symptom (see Vestibulometry). When it appears nystagmus, dizziness. Patient labyrinthitis must be urgently hospitalized, providing maximum peace during transport.