International children's center Artek children's recreation camp

Healthy, happy and free children! the motto of works of the international children center Artek, located 12 km from Yalta city, in the village of urban type Gurzuf, on the South coast of the Crimea. The camp occupies a vast territory, including parks with relict trees, beaches, numerous museums, sports and tourist bases and other educational institutions.
Southern coast of Crimea is the best health resort, and in combination with the natural factors and sea water, makes this place unique to the recovery of the entire body. A soft, cold winters, dry and not too hot summers become very comfortable for stay of children throughout the year. Sea water temperature in summer is 23 - 24 degrees. The bathing season lasts from June to October.
Artek is a complex of 10 camps, which are annually visited by about 30 thousand children. The duration of stay is 21 days. Camp - Marine", "Amber", "Crystal", "lake", "River", "azure", "Forest", "Field", "Cypress", "Coastal"is ready to accept children at any time of the year. In the mountains, the Artek belong to two bases - "Dubrava" and "Krinichka".
Camp "Sea" is located on the seashore in the olive grove. Presents five buildings. In the camp there are sports grounds, Internet club, conference room, dining room, cafe-bar, a medical office, a telephone. Feature of the camp is its orientation - travel, Maritime adventure and formation of personal qualities.
Camp "Amber" is located in Park area and meets all requirements for recreation of children. Infrastructure is represented by a single body, in which there are: dining room, a cafe, a music room. Not far from the "Amber" is a large sports area with an indoor pool, various clubs and studios, medical room. Grow in the Park trees: a giant Sequoia, swamp cypress and other exotics.
Camp "Crystal" reflects the structure of "Amber". Situated near the Park "Mountain" and "Gartis". Clubs, studios, centers of culture contribute to the spiritual development of children and create the atmosphere of kindness and peace.
Camp "azure" is a comfortable buildings-cottages with all amenities, dining area, a stadium, a summer theatre and a tennis court. On the territory there is a children's cafe and souvenir shop. Distance to the beach is 100 metres away . The attraction of this camp - the Pushkin grotto, Museum of "Cosmos", the Museum of history. In close proximity is the Palace "Suuk-su". Program "azure" is very diverse and film festivals, choral competitions, various thematic projects that allows the child to develop as individuals and reveal himself.
Camp "Ozerny" presents five storey buildings, located not far from the Bay, in the Park area. The infrastructure of the camp includes two outdoor swimming pools with sea water, fire site, sports and observation deck, medical room, dining room. The credo of "Lake" - treat others the way you wanted, what would treat you. The students are taught to establish interpersonal relationships and to control their emotions.
The camp of "Field" also presents five two-story buildings, with cheerful floral names. The camp territory is equipped with a swimming pool, sports and play grounds. Here is valued friendship, loyalty, respect. Regular theme lessons, quizzes and competitions.

Camp "River" is named after the famous rivers, is composed of five buildings and is located in two hundred meters from the beach. In the camp organized sports, playgrounds, swimming pool with sea water, medical room. The activities of the camp is aimed at creative development of the child.
Camp "Forest" is situated in the Central part of "Artek". The names of the buildings correspond to the location - it "Topol"and "Pine"and "Maple" and others. Rooms equipped with everything necessary. On the territory there is a pool with water slides, campfire site, playgrounds. The motto of "Forest" - Hobbies is no limit. Such a number of various circles nowhere.
Camp "Cypress" is located in a charming place, where there are huge cypresses, and overlooks the entire coast of "Artek". Incorporates housing-villas, a stadium, a tennis court, a summer platform, Internet club, medical corps, music room. Camp supports innovative for and promotion of innovation.
In addition to such diversity camps, the child is given the opportunity in the choice of the group - this may be a Marine detachment, Travel unit, Detachment of young filmmakers, young correspondents, Order of underwater archaeology. In autumn and winter children can continue learning at the Artek school on the most exciting lessons. The school works on the short course, and no homework. Works psychological service. The center of children's creativity has more than twenty different circles - "Phyto", "Ceramics", "Macrame", "Olympics" and others. Sports grounds ask kids to compete in tournaments in basketball, football, table tennis, shooting, chess. In your free time you can visit the local history Museum, the naval Museum, the historical Museum, the Museum of Treasures of the Black Sea", the Museum "Space". Besides mentioned above, in Artek actively developed tourist program. In the mountains there are two bases, conducting tours for children.
By purchasing a ticket in "Artek", the child receives the opportunity for full and comprehensive children's activities.