Russia children's center Orlyonok kids camp

Healthy children - happy parents. Unfortunately, now completely healthy children is very small. Of course, mom and dad are striving to improve their kids. And that can be compared with the rest in the mountains or at the seaside? Such a relaxation and Wellness program for children offers a children's centre "Orlyonok".
All-Russian children's health resort known for a long time. It takes a huge area on the coast of the warm Black sea. The village Novomikhailovskoye Krasnodar region, where is situated a camp for children, take the boys not only from Russia but also from other countries.
Russia children's center "Orlyonok" has seven camps: "Star", "Olympic", "Swift", "Sunny", "Storm", "Komsomolskaya", "Sentinel". Some of them take on improvement of children all year round, others work only in summer. Depending on season, duration of shifts different. In the summer of the child in the camp can spend 21 days in the winter - 30 days.

beach camp Orlyonok
In the summer in "Orlenok" resting at the same time about 2000 pupils aged 11 to 15 or 16, in winter - not less than 800 children. They enjoy to spend time in a circle of the same teenagers. All the guys spread by age in groups, each with about 25-30 people. Direct the groups counselors who pre-training preparation. Almost all of them have higher or secondary pedagogical education.
In the children's center "Orlyonok" acting school. Classes are conducted in accordance with the school program. Because the child resting in camp during school hours, do not have to make up for the lost knowledge. Organizers have not forgotten and about entertainment for children. The center operates a Palace of culture with a cinema. Teenagers can go to the movies or a concert. Periodically, meetings with famous people (artists, sportsmen, scientists). The guys those nights remembered for a long time, arouse their desire to return to the center every year.
Football fans are certainly not miss the match between youth teams, which are periodically held in the sports complex. And those children, who do enjoy doing sports, are encouraged to enroll in one or more sports clubs operating in the territory of the children's center. The most popular section of football and volleyball, tennis.
For inquisitive schoolchildren always open the library, which you can find books a wide range of subjects. These guys will be interested to participate in various activities, helping to acquire basic knowledge in the field of air or shipmodelbuilding, astronomy and cosmonautics. Girls will love to visit lessons of painting, decorative embroidery, painting on stone. Features and groups where young needlewomen can learn how to make toys with their hands, flowers from small scraps of fabric.
Besides on the territory of the camp "Orlyonok" shops with photographic and Souvenirs departments, private Museum, a gym, a swimming pool filled with sea water. The center has its own television and newspaper.
Sending your child to rest in "Orlyonok", parents may not worry about its well-being. In case of health problems health workers, who are on duty in the camp 24 hours a day, will provide the necessary assistance. They follow proper nutrition and implementation of health programs for children. In fizkabinet therapies (electrophoresis, galvanization, darsonvalization, and others), helping to restore the health of the child. Besides being thalassotherapy (reception air and sun baths, inhalation curative sea air, bathing in the pool with sea water).

Strictly in the camp are keeping an eye on adolescent nutrition. Guys do not go hungry, after all camp meals and a 5-course. Cook only highly skilled chefs, because all dishes are not only rich, but incredibly tasty.
If the child never went on a hike, it can realize this dream in the children's center. Here there are regular one - or two-day trips during which young tourists climb the mountain, admire the waterfalls, learn the secrets of the caves, enjoy the fresh air of the black sea coast. In the trip the children are accompanied by experienced instructors help students to develop the travel skills.
The best time for kids - using the beach. Rest schoolchildren on the beach only together with instructors. During the day children three times face the sea. Here they do morning exercises, enjoy the warm sun, breathe the fresh sea air. Unfortunately, not all kids know how to swim. Help them to learn to feel free in the water experienced instructors.
No child will refuse excursions in the most beautiful cities on the black sea coast. To organize tourist trips to Sochi, Gelendzhik, Tuapse. For a surcharge, children can visit the Dolphinarium, ride a catamaran or a boat, enjoy the circus performance, observe the motion of the heavenly bodies at the Observatory.
The summer or winter holidays in Russia children's center "Orlyonok" will leave a warm memories that will give your child the joy. Here the student will be able not only to have a good rest and to significantly strengthen your body, but also to get acquainted with interesting people, to find new friends, learn a lot about our huge world, to spend their own leisure and learn discipline.