Lucky liquid coating of wooden and metal surfaces for corrosion protection, influence of temperature and moisture, and also in aesthetic and hygienic purposes. Used to cover leather goods. By composition and application of varnishes are divided into: 1) alcohol and varnish (resins solutions in natural and synthetic alcohols, including higher); 2) oil varnishes (on artificial substitutes of drying oil with solvents); 3) glyptal and pentaphtalic varnish (phthalic anhydride with glycerin and pentaerythritol); 4) bitumen and asphalt (solutions of phenol-formaldehyde resins, solvents); 5) bakelite; 6) perchlorovinyl; 7) polyester; 8) polyurethane (MDI); 9) organosilicon; 10) nitrovarnishes and the nitro enamel; 11) varnishes on the basis of epoxy resins.
Almost all studied varnishes have kozhnorezorbtivogo action; when ingested, varnishes have an effect similar to dyes (see), and solvents (see).
Spirit varnishes and polishes have a narcotic effect and cause dermatitis. Solvents oil varnishes of obitochny, affect the skin. Included in varnishes metals (lead, chromium, cobalt, mercury and others) can exert its toxic effects as well as in pure form. Evaporation varnishes are considerable, exceeding maximum permissible concentration in the air of the working area or premises. Prevention of poisoning lucky: the performance of all works in protective clothing (see) with the use of a respirator (see); seal of production equipment depending on the specifics of the work environment with lacquers. First aid in case of poisoning - see Aniline.