Lakeshore - appearance in the urine of lactose (milk sugar). Physiological lakeshore observed at the end of pregnancy and after childbirth. Pathological lakeshore y infants in disorders of the digestive system. Under normal samples for sugar lactose indistinguishable from glucose. Therefore, when the positive reaction to the sugar in the urine for detection of lactoserum make a special test for lactose and use the property lactose, unlike glucose, not to srazyatsya yeast.
Laminectomy surgery removal of the bows of one or more vertebrae. Is made for access to the spinal cord at its diseases (swelling, loss of intervertebral disk, arachnoiditis) or for decompression (elimination compression) spinal bone fragments, offset by the body of the vertebra, hematoma, foreign body. In addition to conventional surgical instruments used for operations with spinal injury (scalpels, acute and obtuse hooks, needle holders, needles, and so on), to produce a laminectomy need the following tools: raspatory wide and narrow, the clippers skulyany spinous processes and handles vertebrae, anoressizzanti Edson, brain spatulas, forceps for coagulation and capture Dura, globality probe, small round (better atraumatic) needle, delicate silk (see also Surgical Toolkit). When the operation is applied electrocoagulator, electrocautery, electric pump. A day before the operation, the patient receives a light meal in the evening - a depuration enema and hygienic bath. In patients with diseases or injuries of the spinal cord are often observed disorders defecation and urination. So ill piss drunk catheter and resort to oil, hypertension, soapy enemas (sometimes to siphon) or finger (in glove) purification of the rectum. In the morning before the surgery hair in the area of operational fields shave. Under the patient on the operating table enclose a soft rubber or plastic mattress. Operation is performed when the patient on your side or stomach, local anesthesia or endotracheal anesthesia. The skin incision is vertical over the spinous processes. After skeletization (exfoliation of soft tissue from the bone) spinous processes and shackle vertebrae skyiwwt pliers. At injury vertebrae of skeletization of the bows and their susiana should start with a healthy departments and produce very carefully (damage to the spinal bone fragments). Further progress depends on the underlying disease. After surgery the patient is placed on a bed with a shield on top of which put a plastic or air mattress. To prevent trophic disorders linens should be carefully smoothed, the skin of the patient wipe a few times a day with camphor spirit, the patient every 3 hours very carefully turn in bed, under the heel pad of cotton-gauze ring. Cleansing enema at least 1 time in 2 days, catheterization of the bladder - 2 times in day. Stitches are removed in 10-12 days.
The term bedding content depends on the underlying disease, but not less than 3 weeks. Dosed massage and exercise therapy in the absence of contraindications-from the second day after the operation.