The Landis sample

The Landis sample (E. M. Landis; synonym of LENDIS - Gibbon sample) - method of determination of the permeability of capillaries. The method is based on the idea of the existence of certain relationship between the value of the hydrodynamic pressure inside the capillary permeability of the capillary wall. Measurement of the value of capillary filtration and associating it with capillary pressure shows that the number of filtered and rezorbirovanny in the capillaries of a liquid is directly proportional to the difference between hydrostatic and colloid-osmotic pressure. LENDIS with TCS. showed that with increasing venous, and hence the capillary pressure increases capillary filtration.
Methodology sample of LENDIS is the following. The patient is in a horizontal position. By using the apparatus of Riva rocci when the pressure in the cuff is 40 mm RT. senior create venous congestion in hand surveyed duration 30 minutes, then take blood from the cubital vein of "stagnation" and "mesostoinae" hands. In a sample of blood is determined by the hematocrit volume relationship of plasma and erythrocytes and plasma - concentration of total protein and its fractions.
The increase in the volume of red blood cells from a "stagnant" hands in comparison with the blood of "mesostoinae" hands testifies to the thickening of the blood, resulting from the release of a number of the liquid part of blood (capillary filtrate). The difference between the amount of protein in the blood "stagnant" and "mesostoinae" you can judge the degree of permeability of capillaries to proteins in the blood.
The permeability of capillaries is characterized by two indicators - capillary filter and loss of protein. The permeability of capillaries may be considered normal, if the number of capillary filtrate not exceed 3-4 ml (according to some authors to 5 ml). Capillary filtrate in these cases, or does not contain the protein or its content does not exceed 0.1%. With increased capillary permeability comes filtering the increased amount of fluid containing some amount of protein.
Trial of LENDIS was used by many Russian authors. Most evaluate it positively. Trial of Landis, first, gives the chance to receive digital expression permeability, and secondly, when it completely eliminates inflammatory reaction, which increases the permeability of capillaries. Modification L. p. proposed, P. Martynovym and E. D. Semiglazova, B. N. Kaznacheev.