Laparoscopy - examination of the abdominal cavity by means of optical instrument (laparoscope) - allows macroscopic examination of the liver, avoiding the trauma associated with laparotomy.
Laparoscopy technique has implications for the resolution of the following diagnostic issues associated with diseases of the liver.
1. Recognition and differential diagnosis of diseases in which the process involves the liver. In particular, recognition clinically latent flowing chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis and establishing forms of jaundice.
2. The establishment of morphological type of cirrhosis stage and disease activity.
3. Detection of tumors and cysts of the liver and other neoplasms, which are located in the right hypochondrium.
In addition, under the control of the laparoscope can be carried out pinpoint biopsy. Material for research with a needle or forceps get from a specific selected visually area of the liver. It is especially important with focal lesions of the liver.
When laparoscopy is also possible introduction of a contrast agent directly into the gallbladder with a subsequent x-ray - laparoscopic cholangiography *.
When laparoscopy inspection available Peradeniya departments of both lobes of the liver, upper surface it is possible to examine almost to diaphragmatic Department. Additionally, there may be inspected gallbladder, intestines, gland, organs of small pelvis, spleen. The organs located in the lower abdomen, examination is not available.
According to various researchers, the use of laparoscopy allows to increase accuracy of recognition of the disease in comparison with the diagnosis, made only on the basis of clinical data, with 59,3% to 96% (A. S. Loginov, 1969).
Changes laparoscopic paintings are briefly described below in the description of individual diseases.
Most of contraindications to laparoscopy is connected with the imposition of pneumoperitoneum: circulatory insufficiency, severe angina, diaphragmatic hernia, postoperative adhesions, haemorrhagic syndrome. While technically correct implementation of laparoscopy not observed any serious complications.

* Laparoscopy technique, see: A. S. Loginov. Laparoscopy in the clinic of internal diseases, M, "Medicine", 1969.