A laryngectomy

A laryngectomy is the complete extirpation of the larynx with a wide destruction of surrounding tissues for malignant neoplasms. Possible and more sparing surgery of the larynx - hemilaryngectomy, i.e. half of its excision, if the cancer has strictly limited distribution. A laryngectomy is more often used in combination with radiation and chemotherapy. Manufactured under infiltrazione-regional anaesthesia; before the operation on the night of the patient is prescribed sleep AIDS, on the day of surgery is injected subcutaneously morphine or omnopon. In recent years, mainly used anesthesia. When laryngectomy throat cut from the trachea, the front wall of the lower part of the throat and upper esophagus. Stump trachea sutured to the skin of the anterior surface of the neck with the formation of tracheostomy, which put tracheotomies up. For feeding of the patient in the esophagus through the nose is inserted a rubber tube. Tracheotomies tube surrounded by an aseptic bandage.
In the postoperative period is anti-inflammatory therapy, are appointed hypnotics and sedatives, set strict bed rest, care of by the operating wound, daily change of bandages, ongoing monitoring of purity tracheotomies tube (see Tracheotomy). The first 2-4 weeks the patient is fed through a tube, fractional portions every 4 hours. Food should be highly nutritious, easily digestible, rich in vitamins, pasty, volume - not abundant.