Laringospazm - spasmodic contraction of the glottis, occurring most often in children. After crying (in infants) and whooping cough occurs, noisy breath as a symptom of obstruction of air flow through a narrowed the glottis. The child's pale face, throws back his head, tense neck muscles, opened his mouth. The attack followed a sluggish reaction of pupils on light, weak pulse, the tension of the abdominal muscles, cold sweat. Laringospazm starts and stops unexpectedly. Gradually breathing is normal. In adults, laringospazm sometimes occurs after lubrication of the larynx by Lyapis, a solution of menthol, from inhalation of harmful gases, sometimes ammonia, getting stuck in the throat crumbs of food. Sometimes laringospazm is the first manifestation of spinal suchocki. The prognosis is favorable. Laringospazm, children suffer yourself with age. Treatment: the ingestion of 0.5% solution of potassium bromide (for children), 1 tea spoon 2 times a day. For edema attack should be spray your face with cold water, to do an enema of the chloral hydrate (0,3-0,5 g on a water glass).