Depending on the destination laundries are divided into public, closed type, Amateur, communal-Amateur. Depending on the degree of mechanization of the production process - mechanized, volumechangeevent, manual labor. Posted Amateur laundries (house or quarterly) on the territory of households, institutional - on the site of the serviced premises. Communal laundries cities should be placed not in residential areas because of the presence of privredna from dirty underwear, smoke from the boiler room, the noise. Throughput Laundry service depends on the population served and shift work. On average be washed per person per month 12 kg of cloth, including 10 kg clothing and bed and 2 kg of so-called public underwear (underwear canteens, hairdressing, childcare facilities).
A Laundry service plan must be drawn up to ensure: the threading process linen, excluding the possibility of the meeting of clean and dirty linen; the distinction between "wet" and "dry" branches; Creation of favorable working conditions.
The process of washing and linen and underwear treatment involves several steps: a) reception of dirty Laundry and storage; b) label dirty Laundry; C) sorting of dirty Laundry; d) linen washing (lock, swelling, wash, rinse, spin); e) drying; f) charges; f) storage of clean underwear and his extradition. In the Laundry room there are a number of conditions that have a negative impact on working. These include: high temperature and high humidity in the shop Laundry facilities; contact with dirty, sometimes infected linen when receiving and sorting; cooling feet in touch with damp and cold floors; irritant effect on the skin of water of different temperatures and breeding in it detergents; physical strain due to prolonged forced body position; noise and vibration; drafts in the working premises.
Measures for improvement of working conditions in the Laundry should be reduced to the creation of a favorable microclimate (improving ventilation, mechanization of technological processes, improvement of sanitary conditions); the establishment of workers Laundry permanent medical control.
When building new laundries draws attention to their location, capacity, planning, compliance with sanitary regulations during construction, the draining of waste waters , etc. In order current sanitary supervision for laundries pays special attention to the work of ventilation, sanitation of premises, the status of the microclimate of working premises, regular medical surveillance of workers Laundry service.