Mechanism of physiological and therapeutic actions of mineral water in their domestic application

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Mineral waters of various chemical composition, are among the external stimuli. They act on the body in accordance with the General physiological regularities, set their schools largest Russian physiologist I. P. Pavlov and N. That Is, Vvedensky. These patterns are fazovoi actions stimuli, according to a response of a system, from its initial functional state, the nature of the stimulus, the reaction of the organism as a whole and summation of the effects under action of external irritation.
The mechanism of action of mineral waters in the present it is established the existence of three phases: a) closereadchannel, b) norwegenkai and b) phase aftereffect.
Of course, a clear separation of all three phases in action mineral water there and it is somewhat conditional.
Under closereadchannel and norwegenkai mechanisms should involve all levels of the correlative systems: nervous (conditionally and butylaniline), hormonal, metabolic and parameterizes, which to some extent included in the effect of mineral water on the body.
Now it is well known that the reflex act unthinkable without the presence of chemical processes and of such active substances as acetylcholine, catecholamines, etc. But for the sake of presentation, the mechanism of each phase will be considered separately. Touching first - closereadchannel - phase mechanism of action of mineral waters, we must first specify to participate in this phase of all parts of the nervous system - from receptors in peripheral organs, perceiving caused by water irritation to the cerebral cortex with her and the conditioned reflex activity.
Numerous studies have established that in the presence of the elaborated conditioned reflexes adopted on inside mineral water it affects distant stimuli - visual, auditory, and in the case of water odor and olfactory receptors (A. N. Bakuradze, 1962).
More pronounced reflex reactions observed in the effect of mineral water on the interoreceptors different parts of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, distinct secretory response salivary, gastric and other glands of digestive apparatus was noted when annoyed receptors mucous membranes of the mouth or stomach irrigation and drinking mineral water (A. N. Bakuradze, 1962).
About the reflex nature of the effect of mineral water on the various functions of the gastrointestinal tract and other system shows speed the coming of the responses. So, for example, changes secretory and motor functions of a stomach observed in the first few minutes after administration of mineral waters (C. M. Deryabina, 1957; the hydrographic system of Kabanov, 1958; J. K. Vasilenko, 1957, and others).
Numerous experiments proved that the irritation of mineral water receptors any one organ of the gastrointestinal tract reflex may cause changes in motor function of stomach and intestine, exocrine function of the pancreas, zheleobrazovatel and excretory functions of liver, biliary tracts and other (I. So Kurzin, Etc Dzidziguri, 1952; B. M. Kopytin, 1959; the hydrographic system of Kabanov, 1958; A. K. Piligin, 1964; Y. K. Vasilenko, 1957).
About the great role receptors in the gastrointestinal tract in the mechanism of action of mineral waters is proved by the experiments conducted numerous researchers with off reflex arc of mucous membrane receptors of various organs. In these conditions, there is a significant suppression, and sometimes complete loss of reflex phase in the secretory and motor function of the gastrointestinal tract. Preliminary novocaine mucosa of the duodenum was shooting brake problems introduced into it for an hour before a meal, mineral water, which proves the reflex mechanism of the effect of mineral water on gastric secretion from the side of the duodenum. Pre novocaines stomach missing or may be less obvious reflex reactions of other organs and systems are observed in normal conditions, when a normally functioning receptor apparatus, which is also evidence of the participation of receptors in the reflex influence of the mineral waters.