General principles of treatment of allergic diseases

Schematically allergic processes in the body can be represented as follows:

Antigen Sensitized cell Biologically active substances
Lysis of cells (complement)
Inflammation type tuberculin
Precipitating antibodies Tissue damage (phenomenon artusa)

In the treatment of allergic diseases can affect all these links allergic processes.
The termination of contact with the allergen
When some allergic diseases can to stop contact with a specific allergen; for example, contact dermatitis, and Allergy to some food products (eggs, fish, crayfish and other). It should be noted that to cure disease must complete cessation of contact with known allergens.
The girl, who suffers from eczema, was revealed to be allergic to eggs. After the abolition of the eggs came almost complete recovery, but on Sundays was observed aggravation, because she was eating buns.
Remember that when food allergies, there is increased sensitivity to all products made from plants of one and the same family. For example, in case of hypersensitivity to the tomatoes patient can give an allergic reaction, potatoes and peppers, belonging to the family Solanaceae (cross-Allergy). If you are allergic to forest nuts optional allergic to almonds, belonging to the family Compositae.
Sometimes the termination of contact with the allergen requires changing profession. Frequently changing climate has a good effect, as ceases contact with the specific allergen. Thus, patients with pollinosis feel good on the beach, where there is little pollen in the air. However, the termination of contact with the allergen is not always possible.

  • Specific hyposensitization
  • Symptomatic treatment
  • ACTH and cortisone